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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Collection of Obama Joker Posters Grows

The bigoted and color aroused Barack Obama ‘Joker’ posters first appeared under overpasses in the L.A. area. Now the posters have made their way across America. They depict our United States President Barack Obama as the villainous Joker.

'Depicting the President as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery,' says Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable president Earl Ofari Hutchinson. 'It is mean-spirited and dangerous.'

I agree, and there are some racial stereotypes playing out in these poster: As on writer noted, the message is: Obama can't be trusted, not because he is a politician, but because he's black. More HERE. Right wing hate machines are loving it.

Joker Obama: George Washington University
Joker Obama: George Washington University
Joker Obama: George Washington University

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