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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Vacation Time - Gov't Wants Black folks to Camp

I plan to go camping next week. Not just because the United States Government wants black folks to camp. The fact is, I was a regular camper back in the day. Yet, I haven't gone camping in years. I haven't been following my little brothers footsteps. He has been camping for years. he got me actively involved in camping many years ago. Speaking of camping, there is a great new black blogger and a website that I have been following as they talk about the black camping experience.

Both are great sites, both are looking at the black camping experience in differing yet positive directions. One of the best new blogs is Camping In Color.

It's new black blogger who have created a black camping blog and have begun to provide a basic Camping 101. This husband and wife blogging duo are a African American couple, with over thirty years of family camping experience.

The publishers of the
Camping In Color Blog

The Camping In Color

Camping Consultants

The Camping in color duo say; Back in the 70's we began camping as young adults. We became hooked! While we were reminded of our childhood experiences, this was different. It became our cabin in the woods, but without the mortgage. They also point out that their family would pack up after work on Friday and head to the lake. We would swim, fish, and ride bikes together, and my favorite the campfire. Check this out, new blogging couple went home each weekend feeling refreshed, and with great memories of the time we spent together.

The publishers of the blog, Camping in Color, would soon bring others, nieces, nephews, friends and other family. All of whom still camp today and take their own families. They say their blogs goal is about infusing the American family, particular the black American family with the appreciation of nature. They want to awaken our senses and motivate us to Camp in Color. They have done it successfully with this African American Political Pundit. I can't wait to read more of their upcoming post. Read More about the blog Camping in Color HERE

There is also another website called Out Door Afro.

Out Door Afro

Rue who is creator of this website says: It's simple: I want more African Americans out of the gym; off the couch and into the Great Outdoors to try activities incorrectly perceived to be “something other people do”, such as bicycling, skiing, camping, and hiking.

Rue says she is a 30-something African American woman who has enjoyed a lifetime of outdoor sports and fun all over California and want to share the secret of how affordable, healthful, and gratifying these lesser-explored activities are. I recognize some black people do head out into the sun, snow, and mountains, but most times I venture out, I see very few people who look like me. So come out and join me for fitness, lasting memories, and inspiration through nature! Read More HERE

OK, I'm ready to go Camping In Color. It's an Out Door Afro thang.

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