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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why do black folks do this - Are black folks going insane - I ask Why?

There is something going on in America. Has black America gone insane? Is there something in the Chicken? As an example Why would an enraged father shoot and kill his 15yr old son in the back of the head execution style? Why would a Chicago School Board President Kill himself ?  Why did a 21-year-old man have to be fatally shot in broad daylight as he boards a bus on a busy street? "He was just boarding the bus. He was actually onboard and was shot while standing in the doorway of the bus by shooters on the outside of the bus," Burke said.Rawlings's younger brother, DeOnté Rawlings, was 14 when he was killed in 2007 by an off-duty D.C. police officer who had gone to recover a stolen minibike. Federal officials ruled the shooting justified.

Why did a 17-year-old girl have to die when shots are exchanged on a neighborhood playground and she is caught in the crossfire? Why are drive by shootings happening in Tallahassee's Lake Palm Drive? Why would the DC sniper calls himself 'this innocent black man'? Why are men dying  in South Kansas City Shooting?

Gregory Kane: When innocence is anything but - Why would a black man rob a store and kill the liquor Store Owner? Why would someone kill a 15-year-old Jason Madison Jr. Who Baltimore police say his murderer gagged  with a pillow case and then stabbed him repeatedly in the head and throat with a box cutter. That was after sexually assaulting and sodomizing the boy. Why are black folks invading homes and killing like it's goin out of style.Why would some shoot a Birmingham woman and kill her with a gunshot wound to head? Tuesday night Why did another young black woman get killed because she was involved in a hateful relationship.

Yes, I know the bigots love this post. But we do have to admit, America has made many of our youth nothing more than two-bit thugs. I hope that this young men didn't kill this Pregnant Woman as reported by the clor aroused Newsnet 14 group.

Surveillance photo
The FBI says this man robbed two Houston-area banks in four days earlier this month. I guess it's the economy. It's making black folks go insane!

AAPP says: If we are looking for the President of the United States or the justice department to address these issues, we will be waiting for hell to freeze over. 

You see, President Obama is well intended, but he is surrounded by crooks, liars and criminals. These crooks and liars have run the banks into the ground  and ruined our economy. Now black folks have gone plum crazy!

Black America has to stimulate itself out of this mess. The only stimulus package the United States Government will provide will be to Wall Street. There will be no bailout from the Justice Department, The Department of Labor or the Department of Education soon.

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