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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Wins - Obama's Big Loss

AAPP says: Newspapers, websites and bloggers on the left and right throughout America are covering this issue head-on. My hometown newspaper The Boston Globe captures it all. 

Voters are angy! After one year of being in office Barack Obama believes he is doing a great job giving himself a B+, but with voter anxiety and resentment, building for months in a troubled economy, as Brian  Mooney at the Boston Globe wrote, Massachusetts voters exploded like a match on dry kindling in the final days of the special election for US Senate.

While some are saying the final vote in Massachusetts was a vote against Obama's health care efforts,I believe that it was frustration with the status quo that fueled emotions and the big turnout. As reported by the Boston Globe, scores of interviews at multiple polling places, Republicans, independents, and even some Democrats said frustration over health reform and anger with Congress had motivated them to vote for Scott Brown. President Barack Obama needs to begin to understand and take note of.

President Obama and the Democrats suffered a major blow with Martha Coakley's loss in Massachusetts on Tuesday night.

As Jenna Russell of the Boston Globe noted, "Ted Kennedy’s hometown did not look or sound like a place deeply attached to the senator’s liberal legacy." While Democrats ask what went wrong with Kennedy’s seat, It's clear to this Bostonian, African American Political Pundit,  that  President Obama and the Democrats suffered a major blow with Martha Coakley's loss in Massachusetts. 

Yes, as reported by The Huffington Post,The blame game is fully underway. A top pollster to Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley told HuffPost on Tuesday that the White House, in attempting to blame the Coakley campaign for a potential defeat today in Massachusetts, underestimates the wave of populist fury among Massachusetts voters.
Pollster Celinda Lake said Coakley was hampered by the failure of the White House and Congress to confront Wall Street. That failure, she said, means that Democrats are being blamed by angry independent voters worried about the state of the economy. More HERE

AAPP: Speaking of blame, The new Chairman of the DNC was not watching the ball and probably should be fired! 

Barack Obama and his handlers seem to be disconnected with reality. Unemployment remains high (ten per cent) and many white working class voters are disenchanted with a President Obama because he is black, and other foolish reasons

Add Martha Coakley poor campaigning style and tea party and birther folks to the picture...  You know who I'm talking about, the "birther" movement, that has sought to discredit President Barack Obama’s status as an American citizen, and who defended Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s suggestion that Obama was born out of wedlock.  More HERE

You see, the white working class, (many who may have been color aroused) voters in Massachusetts sent a loud, bigoted and clear message to the Obama administration.

"Republicans, independents, and even some Democrats are concerned that President Obama and the Democrats are giving away the store to the banks, and not addressing the employment status of millions of Americans. With the President refusing to develop a stimulus plan for "main street America" including the places with the highest unemployment (black neighborhoods) the future is beginning to look pretty bad for the Democratic Party. America voted for change, not Congress taking from the poor and middle class to give to the rich (bankers). It would be wise for president Obama and the democrats in Congress to listen to the voices of anger towards the status quo, and pass a real jobs bill, and re-think some of the Health care bill. Otherwise we just may see Birthers, Teabaggers and other wacko's running the Congress."

If the Democrats don't get it together real soon, the Republicans, Birthers, Teabaggers and other right wing nuts just may be singing... that 1960's song...

We have only just begun...

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