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Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti: Where is the Medical supplies for Haiti?

I have been concerned for some time about how poorly the people of Haiti are being treated. I have been wondering for sometime regarding how supplies are being distributed.I'm particularly concerned about how Haitians are dying at a hospital for lack of supplies.


It's really a damn shame that makeshift hospitals in Haiti are struggling to deal with hundreds of thousands of people were injured in the earthquake, many of who are dying while waiting for treatment due to lack of medical supplies. More HERE

"I candidly wonder if this earthquake happened in Canada or England would the United States take so long to get supplies to them?"

Like me, a number of news outlets are finally beginning to ask, 'Is America's Haiti Response: Worse than Katrina?"

Dominic Nahr for the Wall Street Journal
Most of the victims of Haiti's earthquake were buried in mass burial sites such as this one in Titanyen.

I have been saying for the past week that America could be doing better and could be doing more in Haiti. Why is it that other countries have their act together but America does not have it's act together? But guess what, you don't believe me. But then again,pictures say a thousand words.

Some say that there is a conspiracy against the Haitians to de-populate the capital city of Haiti, and make it a great big tourist town. That just may be possible. I do know that Wyclef Jean just may be right when he called for evacuation of Port-au-Prince. I also support Wyclef Jean's efforts to raise money for Haiti

Yet, with all that is going on, I don't know what else to believe anymore...

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