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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti: is Hurricane Katrina II - Haiti 2010 - Grimmer by the hour!

OK, let's call it the way it is. The AID to Haiti is being snarled at the airport by the United States. and, like Hurrican Katrina, the bigots are coming out. I have been amazed with the level of hatred towards the victims of of the earthquake. 

The bigots seems to be coming out of the woodwork. From that idiot Rush Limbaugh admonishing his listeners to not send money to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, to Pat Robertson, the so-called Christian minister and all American bigot who is insinuating that the earthquake was a sign from his god. 

Not only do we have to deal with these two moron's we also have to deal with the utter failure of the United States being able to help the people of of Haiti. even the Voice of America is reporting that aid workers and authorities in earthquake-ravaged Haiti warn tensions are rising as survivors become more desperate, waiting for food, water and medical care to reach them. More HERE

But four days after the quake reduced the capital to rubble, the relief efforts are moving slowly.  Aid workers report patience is wearing thin, and without some help soon, the situation could degenerate into lawlessness and chaos.

There have been numerous reports of looting.  Witnesses also report men with machetes have been roaming the streets at night, helping themselves to whatever they can find in wrecked homes. 

Haiti's capital is now devoid of a functioning police force.  When the earthquake struck, it destroyed the city's prison, allowing thousands of inmates to escape. More HERE

AAPP says: It's difficult to watch the videos of Haiti.  Its' clear that lessons have not been learned since Katrina. Now we learn President Barack Obama is enlisting the support of two former presidents in the U.S. effort to help earthquake-ravaged Haiti. As reported the the Washington Post,  Obama will meet today (Saturday) morning with George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. Why the hell did the President include George W. Bush, or for that matter Bill Clinton in this effort? 

We already have seen what a screw up George W. Bush made of the Katrina horror, and let us not talk about the previous dashed hopes of Haitians regarding Bill Clinton.

AAPP says: "President Barack Obama wants people to think that the United States' reaction to the catastrophe in Haiti: is "Swift, co-ordinated and aggressive" as he pledged a stellar effort in his first comments about the earthquake on Wednesday, and then repeated it twice on Thursday. In other words: This will not be Hurricane Katrina II. Yet, Unfortuntely, It is This Is Hurricane Katrina II - Haiti 2010."

As reported in the NY Times, An immense relief operation was under way, with cargo planes and military helicopters buzzing over the crowded Toussaint Louverture International Airport. But three days after the earthquake struck, with many cries for help going silent, not nearly enough search and rescue teams or emergency supplies could make it here.

The United Nations said it had fed 8,000 people, while two million to three million people remained in dire need.

Patience was wearing thin, and reports of looting increased, as another day went by with no power and limited fresh water.

There is more, as reported in the NY Times, Some people were bracing for the worst. Harold Marzouka, a Haitian-American businessman who was hustling his family onto a private jet to Miami, said he could feel the tension rising and feared that hunger and desperation might prompt an explosion of violence.“If aid doesn’t start pouring in at a significant level, there will be serious consequences on the streets,” he said. “People are in the shocked and frightened phase. But the next phase will be survival.”
In New York, the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said he recognized that the slow pace of the relief effort could make people in Port-au-Prince restive.

For rescuers and those buried, every hour that passed was an enemy.“The time window is ever shrinking,” said Florian Westphal, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

President Obama has orchestrated sweeping reilief efforts for victims affected by the powerful earthquake.

AAPP says, "It seems that we spent billions of dollars to re-engineer FEMA and other Federal agencies to respond to emergencies of this type, yet we can't maker common sense decisions like dropping food, water, and medical supplies to the people in need.  What is wrong with the Federal government? is this all a plan to depopulize Haiti?"

Listen to what other black folks think about the situation in Haiti on my BlogTalkRadio Program, as we talk about how the Haiti aid is snarled by the United States.

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