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Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid Is No LBJ, The NAACP and the CBC are a Disgrace on Color Issues

Harry Reid says he is a champion of African American causes. The President of the United States, The Congressional Black Caucus, even the NAACP are also championing Harry Reid now.

I ask all of the readers of this blog to show me the money, or show me the legislation that Harry Reid has authored which has assisted black folks? I don't know of any significant legislation Harry Reid as head of the Senate has supported to address the economic plight of black folks, do you?

Harry Reid is no LBJ, who overcame southern resistance and convinced Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed most forms of racial segregation.  He is no John F. Kennedy who originally proposed the Act and had lined up the necessary votes in the House to pass his civil rights act by the time of his death in November 1963, but it was Johnson who pushed it through the Senate and signed it into law on July 2, 1964.

OK, Mr. President, NAACP, and and Congressional Caucus, has Harry Reid moved any legislation through the congress, like a civil rights bill, the Voting Rights Act, which outlawed discrimination in voting, thus allowing millions of southern blacks to vote for the first time?

What legislation has Harry Reid supported to assist poor and socially marginalized populations during this recession? What jobs program has Harry Reid pushed to make sure the various stimulus packages addressed the recession and it's impact on black America?

And while I'm wondering, what has the CBC, The NACCP and Barack Obama done to address the high joblessness in black America? If you know, please let me know.

PS: Hat Tip and Shout Out to my fellow bloggers, Jill and Jack and Jill Politics for exposing Harry Reid for who he is, fellow BlogTalkRadio host, Black Achievement USA, for his candid talk on Harry Reid about black politics in America, and Skeptical Brother for exposing Micheal Steele for who he apears to be.  Now I can go back to semi-blogger retirement for the next 5.5 Months, or until I get the urge to comment on a hot political issue of the day.

You can always join me on my most popular BlogTalkRadio program, "African American Political Slugfest" to get my latest obeservations on political and social issues of the day.

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