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Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Negro Leaders and Old Steppin Fechit Supporters of Harry Reid

I just finished reading how old guard "negro orgainizations" such as the NAACP have run to the defesnse of Harry Reid.. Garance Franke-Ruta at the washington Post has a great article on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and  how he described then Senator Barack Obama in 2008. Reid who says, "I've apologized to the president. I've apologized to everyone that, within the sound of my voice -- that I could have used a better choice of words."

Now Reid says,  "And I'll continue to do my work for the African American community."

AAPP: Oh, he got the "Affrican-Amerrican" words rights this time. Hmmm.

Reid who described Obama as a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect," is gaining support from every old fart "negro" group and leader he can get to brown nose, including the NAACP chairman Julian Bond who has been the biggest negro clown in NAACP history. Speaking of clowns, as reported by the Washington Post, NAACP branches of Reno and Las Vegas also accepted Reid's public apologies, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, saying in a statement Sunday that Reid's voting record -- which had "the highest ratings on issues of critical importance to the African-American community" -- showed his true regard for African Americans. "One need only look at Senator Reid's proven record of leadership on civil rights and social justice to know where his heart truly lies," said Lonnie L. Feemster and Frank Hawkins Jr. in the statement.

AAPP: It's interesting how these negro opinion makers and colored civil rights groups are coming out of the closet to champion Harry Reid and his "brown bag skin color politics of days that should have gone by."

Some say that Harry Reid only said what white Americans think. Many white Americans seem to believe that light skin blacks who are Harvard educated are OK "negroes" to whites, while dark skin blacks who are graduates of, let us say, HBCU's, are not OK or "safe" to whites, or for that matter Senator Reid, Barack Obama, or negroes inside the NAACP and other "colored" organizations that have failed the black community.

I'm reminded of how Senator Reid stood by the door trying to keep now Senator Roland Burris out of the United States Senate. One has to now wonder was Reid refusing to seat Burris due to the color of his skin, more than the need to have Burris testify under oath that he is unblemished by the Blagojevich stain.

With all these "negros" supporting Senator Reid, I realize more and more why black folks are in such bad shape in America. Our caricature acting steppin Fetchit negro leadership, continues to support whites of both parties who could care less about black folks.  Take for example in the new book,  "Game Change," by John Heileman and Mark Halperin, it is alleged that former president Bill Clinton told the late Sen. Ted Kennedy that "a few years ago this guy [Obama] would have been getting us coffee." Damn, is the bigotry coming out in washington, or was it always there and balck folks in leadership continue to sweep it under the rug.

So as these negroes continue to back those who support color aroused hatred towards black folks, we should all remember this on election day, and run against these color aroused,  hate mongering politicans, and their negro supports, to and bring new leadership into Washington.

Regarding the old negro leaders and their useless negro organizations, they will die out anyway...

Listen to this blogtalkradio program on this issue.

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