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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Destruction in Haiti - Is America Doing Enough? Katrina 2 - Haiti

As reported by The Washington Post, makeshift morgues are appearing everywhere in this earthquake-ravaged capital -- on the sidewalks, in highway medians, outside crumbled buildings. Desperation is mounting. Nearly two days after a massive earthquake, there are no sirens and very few signs of international aid organizations bringing assistance. Electricity is out, there is no sanitation, and food and water are hard to come by. Long lines stretch at the few gas stations that are operating.  Is America doing enough?

Washington Post readers, VMonroe Valnesio said it best, " We were watching the news last night about the tragedy that’s hit Haiti. At one point, we became agitated and asked why it was taking the US so long to respond. After all, Haiti was just a few miles away. Then, this morning when I awoke, as usual, I turned on the news. On CNN a General, who has been put in charge of the military response, was asked about how and when he would be responding. He stated that he first needed an assessment. That response caused my coffee to boil over. Some forty-eight hours had elapsed since the quake, folks!!

Those, who refuse to learn from the lessons taught by history, will surely repeat mistakes earlier made. Our leaders learned nothing from bombing incidents pre 9/1l, for example, our marines in Lebanon and we have already forgotten the lessons, which we should have learned from 9/11. Japan, China, Iran, Indonesia have all experienced Haiti-like calamities in recent years. And we have had our share of deadly earth quakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. 

Yet, we seem to have learned nothing from these disasters including Katrina.
What common needs arise from all such disasters? Water, food and medical supplies are foremost. Portable generators, fuel, blankets and tents would be next. Additionally, there is a crucial need for a detached group of profession people, who can mobilize, organize and direct the flow of people and resources in the affected areas towards common recovery goals. One doesn’t need an assessment in order to put these things in motion. Furthermore, security must be included at the top of the priority list, especially, in today’s world when terrorists will seek any opportunity to pilfer weapons, ammo and explosives. Where are these things located in Haiti and who is looking after them? 

Given all the history as cited above and the closeness of Haiti, it is inexcusable that it takes so long to have boots on the ground there. The above cited materials should be packed, palletized, stored in a warehouse and ready to load on a plane on a moment’s notice. 

Why isn’t this the case? All Americans should be asking this question. Your own life could be weighing in the balance next."

Let's talk about it tonight on the slugfest! 

Why don't we have thousands of boots on he ground? why don't we have inflatable hospitals on the ground now? Is this becoming another man made disaster? 

"If you can handle the truth."

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