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Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Man in Chicago - Tasered While Black

Jaesun Ingles Tasered
Even with more training, another black man Tasered While Black. Federal Government and US tax payers fund taser torture in America
AAPP says: File this under Federally Funded Taser Torture in America. 
For the first time, an officer in each beat car will carry a Taser. Tactical officers and specialized units like the Mobile Strike Force will get them, too, thanks to $514,000 in federal funding from the Obama administration. More HERE

As reported by Dr. Boyce Watkins founder of the Your Black World Coalition a Chicago man died early Wednesday morning after being subdued by police with a taser during a traffic stop. Jaesun Ingles, a 31-year old, was pronounced dead at MetroSouth Hospital in Blue Island at 12:31 am, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office. The autopsy has been inconclusive.

Midlothian Police Lt. Harold Kaufman stated that the police used the taser to subdue Ingles.

He then had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital. He was pulled over at 11 pm Tuesday night for several traffic violations, according to police.

The officer who pulled Ingles over smelled marijuana and found a small amount of it during a search. Officers claim that when they tried to arrest Ingles, he ran behind some local businesses and tried to swallow a plastic bag believed to have contained the drugs.

The police further state that after they caught up to Ingles on foot, he continued to resist arrest and was hit with a taser. That is when he had trouble breathing and emergency personnel were called. Kaufman did not know how many times Ingles was tasered and would not reveal department protocol for tasering situations. The public integrity unit is looking into the incident.

Police claim that several officers were injured in trying to subdue Ingles. One received treatment for a sprained wrist and injured shoulder, one for a knee injury and another for an injury to his right hand. Ingles was on parole for two Ohio convictions and was being supervised by Illinois corrections officials.  More HERE

Read more on this death at Tasered While Black, Electronic Village and The Huffington Post.

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