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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black Folks Say: "Screw You - Artur Davis"

Damn, you would think you were in NY city, the way Black folks in Alabama said good bye to Rep. Artur Davis, a congressman trying to become Alabama's first black governor. Not only did black folks say no, but white folks did too. In this case The Huffington Post was wrong

Maybe the heading to this post should be, Blacks and White Unite in Alabama to oust Black Candidate - Artur Davis - both groups see him as a flip-flopper.

It appears that black folks said "screw you" and finally are thinking about what is in their collective best interest, and decided to say no way to Rep. Artur Davis. As reported by 
Chuck Dean, at Birminingham News, the 42-year-old Birmingham congressman became the first African-American candidate in a statewide Alabama race to lose the black vote.   

AAPP says: I agree with the voters of Alabama! This guy was trying to take from the Obama playbook, and trying to play them... He lost, this just may be a good thing. The new message is out, black voters, like all voters in America are pissed off. In other words "at this time our misery index is off the chain, so don't mess with black voters, it may come back to haunt you."

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham

Rep. Davis lost the support of influential black political groups in Alabama,  after not supporting Obama's Health Care Reform.  It appears that Davis thought he could sway white voters to vote for him in conservative Alabama, if he did not support Barack Obama's Health Care Plan.Well it also appears that strategy back-fired.  

The fact of the matter is Artur Davis connected with black voters like Obama is connecting with the American people regarding the oil spill. NOT! Everyone knows President Obama was ‘slow to respond’. OK, back to the point.

Even the Alabama Democratic Conference, the black wing of the state Democratic Party, announced its support for Rep. Artur Davis' white opponent, state Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks, in yesterdays Democratic primary. Davis also insulted blacks by skipping the group's endorsement meeting. 

I agree with Chris at the Washington Post who writes; "Davis had long been touted as a star on the national stage but his insistence on opposing President Barack Obama's agenda in a failed attempt to keep himself viable in a general election coupled with his long-running feud with the state's unelected black leaders combined to make his showing a major disappointment." More HERE

AAPP: I guess Jessie Jackson and John Lewis should have looked at how Artur Davis was ignoring black voters before making their last minute endorsement. Their endorsements are as useless as Obama's toxic endorsements of candidates in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

All I can say is, " Good night, good luck and see yah" Artur Davis.  Maybe President Obama will nominate you for a cabinet position. I understand that you are good friends... Until you screwed your district at the state of Alabama. hmmm...

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