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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

America’s Apartheid Schools - Racial Resegregation

Martin Luther King’s dream has now been deferred.

The ghost of the old George Wallace
2007 America’s Dread Scott decision against black children

The extreme (supreme) courts colorblind ruling can’t see the truth. Clearly the Extreme (supreme) court is involved in color-arousal or what is termed by many as institutional Racism. Yes the Extreme Courts segregationist approach to matters of race has taken us backwards after 50 years.
African American Blogger, Francis Holland is furious about the US Supreme Court’s decision overturning Brown v. Board of Education. He is now determined to propose an alternative to separate and utterly inferior white supremacist apartheid schooling for Black children.Francis writes, “Considering that even before this decision half of all Black children were leaving school before completing the twelfth grade, effectively boycotting the white supremacist apartheid schools, I predict and support and encourage that the result of this week’s decision will be that Blacks will immediately begin an organized boycott of all of America’s white supremacist public apartheid schools.” Read his blog post:
by Francis Holland

see USA Today chart

the US Supreme Court, in its decision in Parents Involved In Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1 et al has overruled and eviscerated its previous decision in Brown v. Board of Education that nominally ended America’s “separate but equal” apartheid doctrine under which Black children were routinely educated separately and unequally, and

Whereas even before this most recent decision, Harvard University researchers and others determined that, “After greatly increasing desegregation of public schools a generation ago, the United States public education system is now steadily consolidating a trend toward racial resegregation . . .” New National Study Finds Increasing School Segregation


OK, Now that the
Extreme Court has decided to send us back over 50 years. What should black folks do?

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