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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Law is king, Not George W. Bush

I enjoyed reading the post of these 3 bloggers who address the hypocrisy of America and George Bush in 3 different, yet connected ways. dnA at Jack and Jill Politics points out Scooter's is Lucky He Isn't Black. dnA writes; "In order to understand the sheer hypocrisy of George Bush's decision to commute Scooter Libby's sentence so that he serves not one moment of jail time, one must understand the vast amount of people whom George W. Bush sent to their deaths as governor of Texas."

Blogger, Dr Scott's Pulp Culture reviews how George Bush commutes Scooter Libby's sentence so that he serves not one moment of jail time. Here's Skippy to remind us that while the traitorous "Scooter" Libby won't spend a hour in jail, a guy who sold pot has been sentenced to 55 years in jail:

Thirty-two months ago, a young marijuana dealer from Salt Lake City named Weldon Angelos was sentenced to 55 years in prison after a paid informant testified that during three drug transactions Angelos wore a gun on an ankle holster.

While no evidence was ever presented regarding the gun, the mere allegation had been enough to turn what would otherwise have been a relatively minor state case into a big-deal federal prosecution. The reason? Under a well-meaning but poorly written provision of the federal code 924(c), if a drug dealer has a gun during the deal serious mandatory penalties kick in. It's a good law when applied to a drug kingpin armed to the hilt with automatic weapons. It's a lousy and expensive law when applied to a low-end street dealer dabbling in a few thousand dollars of marijuana. After all, in a country with over 250m privately owned guns, it's not as if drug dealers have a monopoly on showing up to work armed. More HERE

Blogger Brent Budowsky wonders if, on hislast day will Bush pardon himself and Cheney.
He writes;

"Congress should call the leading constitutional authorities in the nation, and devise a series of subpoenas to directly call the president and the vice president to testify on matters that could involve violations of law. This would lead to a historic test case that would decide, once and for all, whether Thomas Paine was right when he stated that in monarchies the king is law, but in America, the law is king." More HERE

These 3 bloggers are all on point. Brent Budowsky has some great ideas regarding next steps. One has to wonder if the Congressional Black FOX Caucus or any of the presidential candidates are willing to commit to the next steps. Any thoughts about this continued American disgrace?

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