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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Orleans from Black to White

Blogger, The free slave has a great post on the AfroSpear blog regarding Bill Quigley's , Urban
removal post. for those of you who have not been on AfroSpear blog your missing a great opportunity to learn about what is going on with bloggers of African descent.

The free slave writes; The Black Commentator columnist Bill Quigley is a law professor and director of the law clinic and the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center at Loyola University New Orleans. This article appeared first in The Black Commentator.

Step One. Delay. If there is one word that sums up the way to destroy an African American city after a disaster, that word is delay. If you are in doubt about any of the following steps—just remember to delay and you will probably be doing the right thing.

Step Two. When a disaster is coming, do not arrange a public evacuation. Rely only on individual resources. People with cars and money for hotels will leave. The elderly, the disabled and the poor will not be able to leave. Most of those without cars—25 percent of households of New Orleans, overwhelmingly African Americans—will not be able to leave. Most of the working poor, overwhelmingly African American, will not be able to leave. Many will then permanently accuse the victims who were left behind of creating their own human disaster because of their own poor planning. It is critical to start by having people blame the victims for their own problems.

Step Three. When the disaster hits, make certain the national response is overseen by someone who has no experience at all handling anything on a large scale, particularly disasters. In fact, you can even inject some humor into the response—have the disaster coordinator be someone whose last job was the head of a dancing horse association.

Step Four. Make sure that the president and national leaders remain aloof and only slightly concerned. This sends an important message to the rest of the country.

Step Five. Make certain the local, state, and national governments do not respond in a coordinated, effective way. This will create more chaos on the ground.

Step Six. Do not bring in food or water or communications right away.

This will make everyone left behind more frantic and create incredible scenes for the media.


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