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Monday, July 23, 2007

Government Cover Up's Continue

Investigator: 'High-Value Targets' Imprisoned by High-Level 'Cover-up'

Investigator_hi_mn The CIA's secret prisons for the U.S. "high-value detainee" program existed because of the "secrecy, cover-up and dishonesty" of high-level European officials, Swiss Sen. Dick Marty said today.

"We have sufficient grounds to declare that the highest state authorities were aware of the CIA's illegal activities on their territories," Marty, who led the Council of Europe's investigation into the CIA's rendition program, said in the 72-page report .

Thirty current and former CIA and European intelligence officers provided overwhelming proof that the Szymany airport in Poland and the Air Force Base at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield in Romania served as the two locations for the CIA secret prisons, according to the report.


Is there any question this and other acts warrant impeachment?

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