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Sunday, July 22, 2007

War, Blacks Bloggers and Politics

Jack Turner at Jack and Jill Politics has a great post regarding the Bush Iraq War and the lack of blogging by African American bloggers. check out his post; why black bloggers don't have much to say about the Iraq all-nighter. His post made me think even more about the war, and it's impact on American politics. Here are some of my thoughts regarding Jack Turner's Post.

As you read my response check out the most current news on Iraq:

Blast Reportedly Kills 5 Sunni Leaders in Iraq

U.S. Wants Iraqi Leaders to Reach 'Accommodation'

Aide to Iraq's Top Shiite Cleric Fatally Stabbed

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African American Political Pundit says:
"This Senate action was a no brainer. The Senate is a multi-million dollars boys (and a few girls) club. It's a club of people that really could give a rat's a** about the death and killing in Iraq of for that matter the killing in the streets of urban America.

I salute those who follow, support, and/or report on the "ins and out's" of the United States Senate, but to tell the truth (my truth), :-) I'm feeling Bush is in many ways right.

Ouch! that hurt to say.

We may now have to stay in Iraq, because he as the "decider" (the Commander with a beef) against Saddam, decided to "Shock and Awe" Iraq into the stone age and Civil War.

The consequence of his actions are that the millions of Iraqi's and others are now prepared and eager to chase America for the next thousand years for its senseless incursion to Iraq, killing of Iraqi babies, children, fathers, grand fathers, daughters, cousins and mothers. If this happened to millions of your country men and women, what would you do?

Yes, they will follow Americans to the end of the earth. They will not forget the support of the United States Senate and House of Representatives gave to the president at the time. Shock and Awe, the rape of Iraq women.

The Senate Democrats with a few Republican supporters cannot clean their hands of the blood they created in Iraq by one action on the senate floor.

The chase has begun, It's up to the American people to stop this cycle of death against the Iraqi people.

Bush, Cheney and others need to be charged with war crimes.The American people need to elect a whole new crop of political leaders , including new leadership in the United States Senate."

Am I wrong?

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