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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crime in the Suburbs

Remember the old The No-Knock LAWS? OK, some of you are not that old. I was thinking with crime going/coming to the suburbs. Can Americans, particularly black Americans, expect a crack down a new 21st Century crackdown?

OK, you older hippies, yippies, civil rights activists, and anti-war folks, you remember that old Nixon no knock plan. Well, with the current crime spree that is showing a new trend of more murders and other violent crimes going into the suburbs and away from nation's big cities, watch out for the new No-Knock Searches. The Patriot Act may be coming to a neighborhood near you! But hey, American crime is out of control right?

VIDEO | Many residents have felt unsafe in the suburban community of Cheshire since July 23, when a pair of longtime drug users -- released on early parole amid procedural errors in their case reviews -- allegedly committed a savage crime that has rocked Connecticut.

Conn. Horror Punctuates Trend Murders in quiet New England community typify rise in violent crime away from nation's big cities.

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