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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Politics, White Man, Black Man, Sex, and Republicans

What do Politics, a white man, a black man and sex have to do with one another? Check out this post by Pam at who is guest posting on the Rude Pundit Blog this week.

By Pam

Big black buck blowjob
"Here's the unmentionable secret: Racism isn't that big a deal any more. No sensible person supports it. Nobody of importance preaches it. It's rapidly becoming an ugly memory."
-- White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, back in the day (Fox News Sunday, October 6, 2003)
Well he got one part right -- no sensible person supports it. Take the story of Florida State Representative Bob Allen (R-of course). He also served as John McCain campaign’s co-chairman in Florida. He had a 90% Christian Coalition voting record. But he also allegedly had a taste for big black man meat.

Rep. Allen picked the restroom at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Titusville to satisfy his need for chocolate oral pleasure. As he cruised the stalls, he solicited an undercover male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform suck off the black man in blue for $20. Yes, he was going to pay to perform.

When the cop lifted his shirt and showed Allen the badge, imagine what kind of excuses ran through his mind to explain away the encounter -- the devil made him do it? Drugs? Booze?

Those all would have made sense. Too easy. All of the GOP sexual hypocrites have it down pat -- just check into rehab and hope everyone will forget about the indiscretion.

No. Bob Allen reached back into the recesses of his bigoted mind and probably said "Eureka! The big black buck made me do it! He was about to mug me and I needed to do anything to beat a path from these dangerous darkies." More HERE

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