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Friday, August 17, 2007

Gonzales has no crediability

The Washington Post is exposing Gonzales for who he is, a liar, not worthy of being the Attorney General. Yet the Democrats continue to play games with Bush administration regarding Gonzales and the War in Iraq. Did the American peope not send a clear message in the last election? Are the democrats not getting it? Why is Gonzales still in public office? As the Washington Post reports, "Then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft was "feeble," "barely articulate" and "stressed" moments after a hospital room confrontation in March 2004 with Alberto R. Gonzales, who wanted Ashcroft to approve a warrantless wiretapping program over Justice Department objections, according to notes from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III that were released yesterday."

One of Mueller's entries in five pages of a daily log pertaining to the dispute also indicated that Ashcroft's deputy was so concerned about undue pressure by Gonzales and other White House aides for the attorney general to back the wiretapping program that the deputy asked Mueller to bar anyone other than relatives from later entering Ashcroft's hospital room.

Is this and other information not enough to impeach Gonzales? What's wrong with the Democrats? I think the Democrats are gtting as bad as those Evil Republican Bastards.

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