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Friday, August 17, 2007

Old School Racism or Telling It like It Is?

In Line, But Out of Step?

I have white, Latino, Asian, bi-sexual, Jewish, and gay, friends. And yes I understand none of us is "Pure" ethnically, and we all have ancestors from different parts of the world. I live in a heterogeneous community and have lots of friends from different ethnic backgrounds. I grew up in Boston. But I got to tell you, for me. I'm personally against black women dating white men, because of the lack of black men.

I'm personally against black women marrying white men, who have caused so much pain to the black men. Yes, I know the argument will be, what about black men who cause pain to black women, and I don't have my head in the sand about that issue. I understand my arguments against intermarrying may seem futile and old school, but the lynching of black men is not old school, and white males continue to do it. I understand that God does not judge humans by external appearances, but in America, whites and blacks do. It is what it is. Judging from the letters from my recent NPR comments black and whites who are living Martin Luther King's dream are not feeling me. I say,
tell it to the all white Supreme Court, (including the Acting White member). An check out the new public opinion on the rights of blacks to equal educational opportunity. HERE

Listen to this story...

News & Notes, August 16, 2007 · Every Thursday, News & Notes reads listeners' e-mails. Today, Farai Chideya and producer Christopher Johnson read letters about interracial relationships, the late journalist Chauncey Bailey, and kudos for the show.

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