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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Calling Out Al Sharpton an Martin Luther King III - Is it Right?

Working to hold Black leadership, opinion makers, public officials and institutions accountable

The stage is set to call people out for the Immoral Indifference

Source Tip: black accountability project

Source: What About Our Daughters and

By: Sayeed aka BLKSeaGoat


I had an amazing experience last night on the Black Women's Roundtable podcast sponsored by Gina at What About Our Daughters - Defunding the War on Black Women and Attorneymom at Character Corner. We discussed many different subjects but perhaps the most important agenda item for me was to talk about counter demonstrating the Washington D.C. March on Hate Crimes. For many of you who still are unaware, a horrific gang rape and torture style attack were carried out on a Black mother and a pre-teen son by a group of 10 teenage boys, now known as the Dunbar Village Tragedy. Gina McCauley at WAOD and Symphony of Essential Presence have been covering this story rather tenaciously. Collectively, they have been asking for the past 4 months, "Why are Black "Leaders" SILENT about Dunbar Village"? Please read about this vile and disgusting attack, as well as all updates regarding Dunbar Village here.

In an effort to bring more light to this story and to confront black "leaders" about their peculiar silence regarding this case, particularly Al Sharpton, it became clear to me that we can organize a counter protest to the Hate Crimes March in DC on November 16, 2007 from 12 noon - 2:00pm at the Department of Justice. If Sharpton, King III, and to others can take to the streets to chide the Federal Government for inaction on investigating and actively prosecuting hate crimes, surely we can criticize the good Reverend and his colleagues, for the very same thing. As Gina would put it, "Let's call people out for the Immoral Indifference".

Let me be clear, this is NOT an attempt to get Mr. Sharpton (OR HIS ILK) to advocate for Dunbar Village and others; clearly we have taken on the onus of advocating for them. I merely want ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from Mr. Shaprton (whose presence alone commands national media attention... good or bad) that this kind of sadistic, calculated, weaponized, form of rape and torture will not be tolerated! To quote the esteemed writer/scholar/activist/feminist Audre Lorde, "[our] silence will not protect [us]." I am tired, angry, and ready to accept this moral call-to-arms, if you will, to place the same premium on black womanhood as society places on white womanhood. Will you join me and others as we organize ourselves to challenge the collective conscience of the black community and America as a whole? Put your outrage, disgust, and disappointment to action! If you can be there, JOIN ME!!!

Should black Americans demonstrate against other blacks in public squares? Should blacks who consider themselves leaders be held accountable? If so, how? if, so when? if so, by who? If not, why not?

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