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Monday, November 12, 2007

Dog Chapman: bury me with the black slaves - I'm part Indian

I think that Roy Innis, Fox News, and Duane (the convicted killer), “The Dog” Chapman should all be shipped to a super max prison for 100 years.

Dog Chapman should go to the supermax prison because he is a convicted murderer. No, he should go because he said he wants to be buried with the slaves of George Washington. No wait a minute, he should go because he thinks, in his small mind, that he is somehow a Native American. Or should he go to super max because he is so damn
ignorant and stupid? OK let's forget about him for a minute, lets talk about that other butt hole, Roy Innis. Now that is a guy who should go to the Super Max Prison, because he is a moron, and he is most dangerous.

And you know why the whole FOX news organization should go to a super max prison for 100 years, they have been also deemed the most dangerous, and we must be, fair and balanced.
Check out this video by Dog Chapman and his good friends at FOX

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