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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Race Matters

Shuck and Jive - Hillary Clinton's Racial code Words to Remind Whites of Obama's Race.

Finally Black folks and some whites are peeling the onion back, and finding out that the Clintons' are human, and can make the same bigoted comments as other Americans with Color Arousal Syndrome. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have pulled out their exclusive " Get Back Obama - Race Card" In fact, even a key S.C. endorsement the highest-ranking African American in Congress, seems to be just a bit pissed off with the Clintons about their civil rights history and the "fairy tale" comments.

It is true,
Hillary Clintons' arrogance is shining through her tears even as the Clintons' move to ease the racial frictions. Now the Clinton's are blaming the Obama camp over the remark saying the Obama camp is distorting her words. Whatever!

Hillary and Bill Clinton
Photo Source Politico.com

I guess Bill Clinton thinks he can explain his Obama "Fairy Tale" comments away by calling up Al Sharpton. Now Clinton's are the talk of the town, from NY to South Carolina.

Congressman Clyburn who has commented on the statements made by the Clinton's. Cylburn's statement signals clear displeasure with Clinton comments. Personally I'm glad to see that black folks are holding Hillary accountable for her comments about Martin Luther and her efforts of castrating a dream, particularly when Bill Clinton wants to continue to defend his "fairy tale" remark about Obama. I guess Bill Clinton would rather argue his point and act like he, his wife and surrogates have not been placing the "Race Card" and the "Class Card" into play in the 2008 Presidential election. but I guess they don't care, now Hillary is saying: Obama Was "Part Time" State Senator. The Clinton's are making it ugly folks. Let’s see? Racism, or Sexism? Which will win? Watch Out, black Republicans are loving this.

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