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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barack Obama beats "Team Billary" 10 in a row! As Hillary lost her black voter base of support

Not even the Tavis Attack on Obama or black Hillary supporters can stop Obama. You see Obama beat Billary Clinton in Hawaii and Wisconsin. Yes it is Ten in a Row for Obama

Aaron M. Sprecher/European Pressphoto Agency

Wisconsin and Hawaii Hand Victories to Obama
NY Times reports, Barack Obama cut into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s long-held support among women, union members and middle-aged voters in Tuesday’s contests. AAPP: I guess not many Americans are buying these small words of Billary:

"Both Senator Obama and I would make history," Clinton was set to say, according to excerpts of her remarks provided to reporters by her campaign. "But only one of us is ready on day one to be commander in chief, ready to manage our economy, and ready to defeat the Republicans. Only one of us has spent 35 years being a doer, a fighter and a champion for those who need a voice. That is what I would bring to the White House. That is the choice in this election." Source The Fix, the Washington Post

The Voters have rejected Billary and her negro supporters again!As reported in Politico's Ben Smith Obama beat Clinton in state with no clear excuse for defeat, leaving her no leeway for further major losses. Read More The Wisconsin Exit polls spell trouble for Team Clinton as Obama neutralized her strength with women, devastates her among men, say exit polls; Obama wins Hawaii

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Can one of those negro Congressional Black Caucus members tell Hillary it's over? Your husband set you up. Your husband made sure that you lost the race, and you went along with his color aroused strategy. You lost your base of support, "black folk." Your done Billary. Stick a fork in it. Done! Do you hear the words of divorce in the Clinton's future. probably not, they deserve each-other.

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