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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speaking of Tavis Smiley, black preachers, and other negroes, black self hating, sell outs, and other color aroused black traitors

It's the Tavis Smiley Show, or better stated it's the "Attack Obama in support of Hillary Clinton Show." Your program host, who else ...Tavis Smiley.

It's all over the media, Black Journalist Tavis Smiley is under attack for criticizing Obama.
or better stated,
Obama Wave Stuns Tavis Smiley.

Just because Tavis Smiley says he has received death threats does not mean it is true. I take his comments with a grain of salt.

Quite candidly, someone may have been trying to get in touch with him and called his moms house. He may have also got insulted with that, and is now saying even his mother is getting phone calls. I take what Tavis says at face value. Tavis is a book seller, and is proving himself to be a Clinton kiss up. His "Executive Decision" to not allow Sen. Barack Obama's wife to speak at "HIS" event, shows me that it is "His" event."

If Tavis had reached out to previous participants of "his event, " or did an on-line survey on "His" website, I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of participants would say, Let Michelle Obama speak on behalf of her husband. But that is not what his self serving, black self hating, echo told him to do. He wanted Barack to come kiss his ring, just like so many other alleged black leaders want him to do. I'm glad that there are many non-politically correct sisters and brothers that are calling Tavis on it.

Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama speaks at a Texas rally after winning Wisconsin. (Reuters)

Its interesting that
The Washington Post recently noted, "Obama now has such a lock on the loyalties of African Americans -- 84 percent of the black vote in Alabama, 87 percent in Georgia, 84 percent in Maryland, and on and on -- that the black vote is no longer contestable.

Which brings us back to the dilemma facing some of Clinton's high-profile black supporters -- those with titles and constituencies of their own. They are feeling some kind of crazy pressure. Last Friday, about 25 of them held an hour-long conference call to discuss what one described as an effort to "pester, intimidate, question our blackness" for not supporting Obama."

AAPP: Yes, I personally call some self hating blacks - negroes, black self haters, wannabes, traitors and other things too. The fact of the matter is blacks in America have a history of having negroes, wannabes, haters, traitors, and people who have sold out our communities.

Ask any former Black Panther, ask any black political prisoner in America or abroad, ask any black folk who where forced out of major cities throughout America, if they were sold a bill of goods, many times self appointed black leaders, like Tavis who sold them down the drain, yes, black self haters, wannabes, haters and traitors. While at the same time most people stayed quiet because it was politically correct to challenge.

Robert Johnson of BET fame is a self hating, traitor, sell-out, negro. Anyone who says Bob Johnson is a great man, is a negro that is out of his or her mind. Bob Johnson is the ultimate sell out. Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young is a Walmart lackey, who has also has turned out to to be a disgrace. The way he disrespected black women by saying Bill Clinton has had sex with more black woman than Obama. Ouch! Is anyone listening? Tavis Smiley like Julian Bond is becoming just another lackey for the Clinton's. Yes I said it.

Through our history there have been Negroes who are nothing less that black self hating traitors, who have joined others by sucking the life blood of our communities. Whether it be political traitors (acting black and working with others on the gentrification of urban communities through gentrification initiatives). Self haters who could care less about their own people. Yes, there have been revolutionaries who joined the fight for freedom even before the Boston Massacre. From Jamestown to black wall Street, there were blacks that fought the good fight, build education systems and economic opportunities for our own, then there were black folks who were stripped of their identity and self and disgraced themselves and there people.

This blogger, will call out political traitors, haters, and Negroes who are more interested in self promotion than self uplift. I have paid my dues 50 times over to be able to do this. I have never been politically correct, and candidly could care less if someone disagrees with my opinion or observations. Maybe it's time for Tavis smiley to start hating on Obama. Maybe it's time to Celebrate African-American history now in the making. But that would be to easy for Tavis, he wants Obama to kiss his ring first. Check out what other bloggers are saying.

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