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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Boy Tasered To Death | Teach Your Children

AAPP: I read Springers Journal today, she is a member of the afrospear. This blogger is really on point with her urging us all to teach our children. Check out her post and link to the full post below.

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Christina Springer

Another Boy Tasered To Death | Teach Your Children

There is so much more we must teach our children. Many parents allocate a lot of agony and angst to approaching sex education. This is the least of my concerns. I worry daily about my son’s safety and his right to live peacefully within the confines of law and all of the protections it is supposed to afford him.

I’m not terribly concerned about gangs. I’m not overly concerned about drugs. I’m worried about police. I know that most police officers believe that my son was born with a target on his back.

I’m not a paranoid lunatic. I am a realist. I see what has been happening all over America with the use of tasers - especially on Black males. Read more here at: Tasered While Black.

It always hurts my heart to learn of a mother’s grief. Tammy Fontenot managed to raise her son to the ripe old age of seventeen. She managed to support him through school so that he would graduate first in his class. Now, like countless Black mothers, she is burying her son, Darryl Turner.

I find it sad that organisations which serve the community, such as the NAACP, do not offer community workshops which train our children how to survive these encounters in the first place. Instead, there are dinners and picnics.

It is important to advocate regulation and call for an investigation of how they are an instrument of deadly force. (Here’s one way to help.) It is equally important for mothers to understand their responsibility to their children. And that responsibility is to educate them to understand what it takes to to survive.

Tonight, we will head out to a peace vigil. I am even more aware that my son’s safety is paramount. Suddenly... Read More HERE

Christina Springer is a blogger located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

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