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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton is prepared to destroy the Democratic Party

AAPP It's clear that Hillary Clinton (who wants to be fibber in chief) and her surrogates are prepared to destroy the Democratic Party in her quest to become the Democratic Presidential nominee. She is obviously hearing the black blogger drumbeats for her to Concede and avert a blood bath at the party convention, but that does not phase her. She is on a seek and destroy mission. The Destroy mission? Destroy Barack Obama's chances of winning the presidency because she cannot win. Blogger the Falling Panda is right. " Blacks will not come out to vote for Clinton in the general election and no Democrat can win the white house without the black vote." I guess she must be saying, Damn Ungrateful Negroes!


With that said,
Maya Angelou is still standing by Hillary Clinton, even though black folks are ignoring her and Hillary. Now we learn Hillary Clintons campaign manager was director for failed subprime lender.

Black bloggers are in the thick of it in
Texas as Democrats divvy up delegates many swinging for Barack Obama.

Perry Bacon Jr. and Anne E. Kornblut of The Washington Post are reporting "In her most definitive comments to date on the subject, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton sought Saturday to put to rest any notion that she will drop out of the presidential race, pledging in an interview to not only compete in all the remaining primaries but also continue until there is a resolution of the disqualified results in Florida and Michigan." A day after Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean urged the candidates to end the race by July 1, Clinton defied that call by declaring that she will take her campaign all the way to the Aug. 25-28 convention if necessary, potentially setting up the prolonged and divisive contest that party leaders are increasingly anxious to avoid.

"I know there are some people who want to shut this down and I think they are wrong," Clinton said in an interview during a campaign stop here Saturday. "I have no intention of stopping until we finish what we started and until we see what happens in the next 10 contests and until we resolve Florida and Michigan. And if we don't resolve it, we'll resolve it at the convention -- that's what credentials committees are for.

"We cannot go forward until Florida and Michigan are taken care of, otherwise the eventual nominee will not have the legitimacy that I think will haunt us," said the senator from New York. "I can imagine the ads the Republican Party and John McCain will run if we don't figure out how we can count the votes in Michigan and Florida."

Asked if there was a scenario in which she would drop out before the last primaries on June 3, Clinton said no. "I am committed to competing everywhere that there is an election," she said.

The Clinton campaign requested the interview Saturday to talk about how she could win and to emphasize her focus on Michigan and Florida. Her remarks come as Clinton faces a mounting drumbeat, driven by the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and his backers, for her to bow out and avert a party crisis. Obama's supporters argue that he is too far ahead in pledged delegates for Clinton to catch up; Clinton counters by saying that neither of them has secured the 2,024 delegates needed for the nomination. More HERE

So what do you think, is it time for Hillary to concede and Unify the Democratic Party?

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