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Monday, May 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention and Black Bloggers

International blogger Francis L. Holland is on the case regarding what he terms the Jim Crowing of black bloggers by the DNC.

AAPP: "I guess the DNC wants black bloggers to go along with their 'fairy tales of inclusion' and follow the DNC's Yellow Brick Road."

Over the past week, Aaron Myers, Director of Online Communications for the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, contacted Pam Spaulding (of the AfroSpear's PamsHouseBlend blog) and me, seeking to "clarify" the details of the new Democratic National Convention floor blogging [apartheid] system. My response to Aaron is here. (I requested specific demographic information about the bloggers to be credentialed and, although Aaron at first expressed an urgent desire to talk with me, he did not respond to my request for information by e-mail and did not call as promised.) At least one other member of the AfroSpear had the same experience with Aaron Myers over the weekend.

However, on Saturday, Aaron called Pam Spaulding and provided more information verbally, indicating that the discrimination and that the DNC intends to institute and practice in Denver (and perhaps forever thereafter) is far more pernicious, intentional and significant than was previously known. Pam says,
I was contacted by Aaron Myers, the director of online communications for the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, and spoke with him a couple of days ago to ask him about the credentialing process, the details in level of access, and some logistics, in an effort to get some information on the record. Pam Spaulding, PamsHouseBlend, May 26, 2008.
First, the term "floor blog, the DNC admits, is almost synonymous with "white blog", since virtually all of the 55 DNC-selected "state blogs", save one or two, perhaps, will be white blogs. The DNC does not deny, but instead confirms, that virtually all of the blogs credentialed for the floor are white blogs.

The DNC refuses to release exact demographic data, claiming that it does not know the skin colors of the blogs that will be required to submit to extensive background checks as a condition of their attendance, and with whom the DNC has held conference calls as well as other formal and informal contacts.

However, the DNC says it does somehow know the skin colors of the blogs to be accredited as pool blogs, at least sufficient to assure members of the AfroSpear and afrosphere that the pool blogs credentialed will be more integrated. It is not yet known how or why the DNC know does not know the skin colors of the blogs the DNC accredited first, but DOES know the skin colors of the blogs that have not been accredited yet.

Here are the known benefits and privileges that will be accorded to and enjoyed by the 55 virtually all-white blogs on the Convention floor, but that few if any Black blogs will enjoy: More HERE

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