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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Thoughts after Attending NAACP Leadership 500 Summit

I'm writing about my observations and thoughts regarding my experience at the 4th annual NAACP Leadership 500 Summit. - Looking Forwards

My thoughts after attending NAACP Leadership 500 Summit

There are a lot of great things that happened at the conference. I met some great people and did some real soul searching myself. The NAACP Summit provided me with an opportunity to think differently about how we come together as a people to address issues important to black America. Candidly I must co-sign with my good brother Kevin Myles, NAACP President from Wichita Kansas Branch as he has captured much of my experiences at the summit.
Check out some of what Kevin Myles has to say in his: Reflections from the 4th Annual NAACP Leadership 500 Summit.

I agree with Kevin Myles the summit was phenomenal. Yes, the speakers were timely and informative and each brought useful information.

I'm a new member of the NAACP and plan to work in good faith with Kevin Myles, Stephanie Brown (the Director of Youth and College) and with the full committed support of Vice Chair Roslyn Brock and the new President and CEO Benjamin T. Jealous to create positive expansion of the NAACP's efforts and methodologies.

Join me later as I share part III of my thoughts after attending the NAACP Leadership 500 Summit.

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