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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is DNC Ignoring Black Blogger Concerns?

AAPP Says: Well it's been over a month and it appears that the DNCC has refused to address a number of Black blogger concerns regarding what can be viewed as blogger segregation. As Black bloggers fight to make our voices heard, more black bloggers and left wing supporters are beginning to ask: Is The DNC Hating On “Black” Bloggers? Why Are There No Black Blogs in the DNC's Floor Blogger Corps.

Hat Tip Hustle Knockin

Is The DNC Hating On "Black Bloggers"

Dallas Morning News is reporting that “minority bloggers that felt spurned by the Democratic National Committee got some vindication recently when they were added to the list of blogs invited by party officials to cover their convention in August – but some still say the white blogs got preferential treatment and will get better access.”

Members of the “AfroSpear” web network, a circle of African-American run blogs, complained last month when 55 blogs were credentialed to cover the convention in Denver as part of the “State Blogger Corps” but only a few could be identified as minority blogs or having minority writers, the newspaper reported.A few weeks later, the DNC added 69 blogs to their “General Blogger Pool” list, many of them being minority blogs.

The list included the Dallas South blog, published by Shawn Williams, who had written U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson about the lack of African-Americans among the bloggers at the convention. Other minority blogs included in the updated list are Pam’s House Blend, Jack and Jill, Culture Kitchen and African American Political Pundit.

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