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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Politics of Gay Black Men

AAPP: Talking about issues related to Gay black men may not be an interesting topic for many black political bloggers, but it is for this African American Political Pundit (and let me be very clear "I'm Not Gay)." Yes, I placed it in bold folks. There are many issues in gay communities that are not talked about by the main stream media or for that matter the black blogging community. As an example the issue of blacks gays getting married and if Gay Marriage is Anti Black is not a topic of conversation with many black bloggers, not was the incident Or how about the Busted Florida Republican state rep's "black gay panic" defense on soliciting charge.


I find the blog Weilding the Axe to be an interesting blog to read, (note: forget about the pictures my straight brothers, they can make some uncomfortable) as it provides some ramblings from a sometimes gay, sometimes bisexual, rarely straight, multiracial, multi-ethnic, black man discovering what it means to live in a world of infinite diversity.

NOTE: I have always wondered why so many black gay bloggers have to be sexually explicit on their blogs? Do you know why?

His recent post A Measure Of Opinion I found very interesting particularly the issue of Do (Gay) Black Men Need Black Women in which he wrote, "Some of you might be acquainted with a YouTube program called The "&" Show. Recently I discovered one broadcast via the African American Opinion blog. I went to YouTube and caught a few other programs, highlighting issues and concerns of gay Black men. The first video I saw Ugly Gay Men seemingly attacked anyone who does fit the classic mold of beauty. If you've crooked teeth, an ounce of fat, or are slightly perfect, well you might as well climb into a box and die less thannow. The hosts briefly broached ugliness in one's attitudes and personality, but focused primarily on how a person looks.

With regards to second video viewed, Do (Gay) Black Men Need Black Women, the two hosts disagreed on having women present in their lives. I won't rehash the conversation, just that both videos didn't seem to uphold a measure of support or true understanding. I put a link at the bottom of the page. See for yourselves. Read More HERE

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