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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gay Con Man accuses Obama of snorting Cocaine

Bad day at the office ... Barack Obama, and inset, from top to bottom, Montgomery Blair Sibley and Larry Sinclair.

AAPP: A Gay con man who is called a man with a colorful background: a 27-year criminal career which includes convictions for fraud, forging cheques, and stealing credit card numbers, is trying to get over and destroy Barack Obama, fortunately no one is listening to his bull.

Yes, It has started folks. the swift boating of Obama has begun. As reported by the Sidney Morning Hearld, " THERE are crazy days in every campaign and one of them just struck the 2008 US presidential election trail.

The Obama campaign is keeping an eye on another circus unfolding in Washington. There, Larry Sinclair, a gay man from Minnesota who alleges he snorted cocaine and had sex with the Democratic nominee, held a news conference.

His allegations have been sloshing around on the internet for six months, ever since he posted a YouTube video. But after he took a polygraph test and failed, he has struggled to get mainstream media interest in a story he said began in the back of a limousine in Chicago in 1999.

On Wednesday Sinclair booked a room at the National Press Club to produce the evidence and try to capture the national spotlight for his claims. But he spent much of the time answering questions about himself. He has what is called a colourful background: a 27-year criminal career which includes convictions for fraud, forging cheques, and stealing credit card numbers.


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