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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Angie Winters at Politopics Stops Blogging

Black bloggers will miss one of our best black women bloggers. Angie Winters at Politopics has decided to stop blogging on a regular basis. She says her plate is very full and although she has absolutely loved Politopics, to do it properly has become too time consuming. Read more below:

Today is the last day of Politopics. You may have noticed that ever since coming back from Europe last summer, I haven't been as frequent or opinionated as I used to. I shared many personal reasons, all good of course, why I would have less time than before. Well, things are kind of coming to a head and I have to focus on my future now. Things are going great in my personal life and my writing career has reached a new level that requires additional attention right now. Later this Spring, you will see a new website devoted to my VIEW PARK series which has been extended for additional books. Yea!!!!! This is the next book cover. Read More HERE

AAPP says: I will truly miss Angies blogging, she always kept it real. I wish her all the best. Maybe she can guest blog on African American Political Pundit or African American Opinion?
Stay tuned...

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