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Monday, March 2, 2009

Black Girl Get's Beat, not a word from the NAACP

While CBS news, bloggers and other news outlets highlight how a teen aged black girl was kicked and punched by a sheriff's deputy on a jail surveillance, we have silence from the national office of the NAACP.

The girl in the video called the
experience "horrible" and told CBS' The Early Show the officer accused her of assault before he tackled her. Malika Calhoun, 15, said she kept telling the officer, "I'm not resisting," but that he went after her once she flung her shoe. Calhoun said she kicked off her shoe - which she said did not hit Schene - because she was upset at the way he was speaking to her. "It was horrible. My head hit the wall," Calhoun said, adding that th officer was "pulling my hair constantly."

Schene told investigators through an e-mail conversation with his lawyer that once he was assaulted by the girl kicking her shoe at him, he
entered the cell to "prevent another assault," according to court documents. Schene also said that the girl failed to comply with instructions in the holding area. Prosecutors said Schene did not explain why he struck the girl after he had her in a holding position on the floor.

"We believe this case is beyond just police misconduct, it's criminal misconduct," King County Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg said. "This is clearly excessive force."

Satterberg added the case is "uncommon" because cameras captured the entire incident.

AAPP: Can you guess how many times this "
uncommon" recording has happened in the past with black girls in that county? How many black girls have been assaulted or for that matter raped at the hands of these men who are suppose to uphold the law?

Get this folks, while all this is happening, not one word on the NAACP's website about this or many of the other horrific assaults on black women and men. while others are blogging and taking action, the NAACP national office seems to be sleeping or giving out image awards - go fiqure. this national organization does not even have a blog. And then they wonder why many black folks question if the national NAACP are

This has been happening to many times to our black girls.

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