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Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogging On the Radio, Via "BlogTalk Radio"

Creative Disruption

Blogging doesn't have to be in text. Here is a social radio network where bloggers use voice to quickly connect with their audience.

Forbes is covering how blogging on the radio is becoming a hot item. This blogger is one of those people who blogs via blogtalkradio. My own blog talk radio program, African American Political Pundits' "Political Slug fest" is one of the highest rated blogtalk radio programs on the air. As reported by Forbes, Alan Levy is founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio. He also is principal shareholder in the local telephone provider XChange Telecommunications and the VoIP company myphonecompany.com. Previously, Levy was president and chief operating officer of global telecommunications company Destia Communications, which was sold to Viatel in 1999. Here, Renee Callahan, editor of Strategy & Innovation, interviews Alan Levy about BlogTalkRadio.

“There's no real competition,” says Alan (above).

“There's no real competition,” says Alan (above).

Renee Callahan, Strategy & Innovation: What is BlogTalkRadio? How did it start? How does it work?

Alan Levy:. I launched BlogTalkRadio in September 2006. I created a blog in 2006 to document my dad's battle with lymphoma, and I was amazed at the size of the blogosphere at that time--75 million blogs indexed on all subjects. I noticed that the main point of it was the conversation, and I wanted to be able to move that written conversation to a voice conversation. BlogTalkRadio was the result.

BlogTalkRadio is a social radio network that allows users to connect quickly and directly with their audience. Using any type of phone and a computer, hosts can create free, live, call-in talk shows with unlimited participants that are automatically archived and made available as podcasts. No software download is required.

We enable individuals and corporations to use a phone to conduct a live broadcast. Users dial a phone number, enter the platform, and the conversation is streamed on air live via the BlogTalkRadio Web site. It's just like talk radio, except it's online. Read more of the Forbes article HERE. You can also read more about blogtalk radio HERE. Don't forget to visit my blogtalkradio program HERE

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