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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Listen to my BlogTalkRadio Interview of April Griffins Sister

A few days ago I reported on the awful situation of violence against women, in particular as it applies to April Griffin, (pictured below) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

April Griffin


Reminder: This is a case that was started over two years ago. It was reported by Diana Sroka in a local newspaper that, "Two weeks after a Milwaukee County judge awarded sole custody of a 10-month-old boy to his father, the child's mother remains jailed for refusing to reveal the baby's whereabouts. April Griffin, 28, of Milwaukee has been in jail since mid-May for contempt for refusing to tell Circuit Judge Michael D. Guolee where to find the baby, Jesse. More HERE

Well, My Co-Host, Antoinette and I had the opportunity to interview April Griffins' sister on my BlogTalkRadio Program - African American Political SlugFest. You can check out the interview HERE regarding the color Aroused Judge and April Griffin

After you listen to the interview you will probably agree, this is a clear case of Judicial mis-conduct on the part of Circuit Judge Michael D. Guolee. One has to wonder why the local and national office of the NAACP have not been engaged in this case.

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