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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnant British black woman guilty of trafficking heroin sentenced to life in prison

Last month I and other bloggers reported on the situation of Samantha Orobator a 20-year-old who many thought she just may have to plead guilty in order to save her own life. Well, the folks in Laos did what they thought they had to do, rape a black woman and then have her plead guility. This after many people urged her release including Samantha Orobator mother.

Samantha Orobator, right, looks away as she leaves Vientiane Capital Court in Vientiane, Laos after a one-day trial on Wednesday June 3, 2009. The court found the pregnant British woman guilty of trafficking heroin and sentenced her to life in prison Wednesday, a court official said. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

As reported by The Huffington Post, in VIENTIANE, Laos — A court in Laos found a pregnant British woman guilty of trafficking heroin and sentenced her to life in prison Wednesday, a court official said.

The life sentence for 20-year-old Samantha Orobator came after a one-day trial in the Lao capital, according to Chanthaly Duangvilai, vice president of the Vientiane Court.

Orobator pleaded guilty, the court official said at a press briefing after the trial, adding that she named several of her alleged accomplices in her testimony. She was the only defendant in the case.

Heroin trafficking is punishable by death, but she was spared because Lao law does not allow the execution of pregnant women, said Chanthaly.

Under a pact signed last month by Laos and Britain that still needs ratification, Orobator could be extradited to serve her time in Britain. Lao officials, however, could still veto her return.

Orobator had been jailed since last August, but her plight drew public attention only last month after the British legal charity Reprieve publicized her circumstances and what they believed was the possibility she could be executed by firing squad if found guilty. More HERE

It's interesting to read the twist that major media outlets place on her case. Headings like, Pregnancy Means Briton Won't Face Execution

AAPP says: I guess this is like blogger RIPPa says: It's THE INTERSECTION OF MADNESS AND REALITY - More HERE

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