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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gates, Crowley and President Obama: A Dark Beer Please

OK I don't want to act stupidity or politically incorrect, but I understand that Barack Obama has opened the door of the white house to have Cambridge Police Officer Crowley and Professor Louis Gates over for a beer.

At least Gates was not Tasered While Black

Hey President Barack Obama please make that a dark beer for everyone.
How about some great black beer "tusker beer" with the slogan, "Makes us equal. Has no equal".

Forget about BUD, they are no longer American owned. But it appears the President will have BUD on hand. Gates told the Boston Globe he likes Red Stripe and Beck's, but the White House doesn’t stock foreign beer. I guess Gates don't like anything truly black? Hmmm... He has actaully made a career out of explaining to the black rich and famous, how they are connected to whites... hmmm...

How about a dark beer experience in the White House when Gates, Crowley and President Obama meet. This may be a commercial opportunity for African beer makers. Someone other than Gates selling books, needs to gain something from this. We know the average black man, black woman and black teen won't get support from these Harvard brothers. Yobachi over a the Black Perspective.net is right when he wrote:

Now ain’t that something? Black folks get harassed by cops everyday inracial profiling situations that result in much more dramaticconsequences than Dr. Gates suffering the inconvenience of being takendown to the station for awhile. Folks who don’t have the money toscare the police off with expensively lawyers and don’t have thenotoriety of Dr. Gates to get their charges dropped, and actually getcaught up in all the fines, court cost, bail, and lawyers feesinvolved with having to go through the legal process; costing hundredsto thousands of dollars to people often living paycheck to paycheck ornot even working regularly.

Then along with their criminal conviction, or still the aforementionedbills even if not convicted; they get to have their finances wreckedfor months trying to pay this shit; or go to jail for not being ableto pay.

Often, before all the aforementioned happens they get to be slammeddown on concrete at the incident of arrest or even shot.

But the rich guy is the one who gets called to the white house.

Regular people get much worse cases of this sort of thing everyday,and not a peep. Now that it’s a highfalutin Negro screaming about it, it’s a problem." More HERE

I agree with Sherrilyn A. Ifill when she wrote, Please Professor Gates!

What do you say?

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