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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Constructive feedbacks - Negative Feedback

Hat Tip to BrotherPeace Maker who has deleted another of "constructive feedback's" negative and ignorant post. This guy with the pen name "constructive feedback." and should call himself the ignorant black blogger, with his silly blog, microscope on black / left-wing bias in the web 2.0 and his silly attempt at blogging against black progressive thought.

Get this, on his side bar of his sidebar he writes: The Offending Blogs That Provide My Best Material:

We Are Respectable (Leftist) Negroes
BET Uncut's Pole Dancing Strip Joint
Nearly All of the Afro-Spear Affiliated Sites
The Authorities Electrocuted Me Because I Am Black
Subrealism (My Friend Cnulan)
Jack & Jill Politics (The Rikyrah & CLP Show)
Field-Negro (Black Death In Philly)

Hmmm, sounds like blogger Constructive Feedback is just another one of those black "haters."

I would say, “Constructive Feedback, You Ignorant &*$#!” – but that would be to kind.
OK, back to blogging about more relevant issues impacting our communities....

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