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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who is Cong. Joe Wilson?

By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.
Shame on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She was AWOL this past Tuesday. On the other hand, she refused to give former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney a pass for raising questions about 9/11 and, therefore, committing sedition. Congress stripped Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. of his seniority and his chairmanship. He was dropped to the bottom of the congressional totem pole. This erstwhile, powerful member of Congress had to look up to all of his colleagues until Congressman Charles Rangel gave him the boot.

Unless you know history, you are unable to understand Rep. Joe Wilson or his motivation for defaming President Barack Hussein Obama on the floor of a joint session of Congress. His mentor was Sen. Strom Thurmond, a leading Dixiecrat and arch-segregationist who had opposed President Harry Truman’s stance on racial integration.

Wilson is from South Carolina and represents its 2nd Congressional District, which includes the white areas of metro Columbia and also extends to Beaufort County, which includes the Gullah culture. Gov. Ben Tillman described Beaufort as the “niggerdom.”

Approximately 30 percent of his constituents are descendants of enslaved Africans. Mexican immigrants are flooding the 2nd District. Wilson sees the handwriting on the wall. During Reconstruction, Robert Elliott represented Beaufort in Congress. History is about to repeat itself. South Carolina, which was the first state to secede from the Union, is still fighting the Civil War. Wilson is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This white supremacist group makes the Ku Klux Klan look like the Boy Scouts.

The Confederate flag still flies on public grounds in violation of the 13th Amendment. Although the First Amendment protects the burning of the U. S. flag, it is a crime in South Carolina, punishable by imprisonment, to burn the Confederate flag.

Two of the most racist educational institutions in the nation are located in South Carolina. After the discovery of Denmark Vesey’s plot to liberate enslaved Africans in South Carolina, the Citadel was established to maintain slavery. Vesey had won the lottery.

Even after Blacks were allowed to attend colleges in the Deep South, Bob Jones University continued to ban interracial couples. Loving v. Virginia was of no moment. This university would argue that it was entitled, nonetheless, to tax-exempt status.

Thurgood Marshall chose Briggs v. Elliot as the lead case in the assault on Jim Crow in public schools. White politicians, instead, made Linda Brown the lead case to keep the focus off the South. Brown lived in Kansas.

Blacks in South Carolina had petitioned R. W. Elliot, chairman of a local school board, for a used bus. Elliot replied, “We ain’t got no money to buy a bus for your nigger children. ”When Black parents offered to buy a bus, South Carolina refused to be responsible for its repairs.

Afterwards, the Supreme Court held that Jim Crow education subjected Black children to immeasurable psychological harm. This harm still exists in South Carolina today. Most of the state’s school districts outlawed all children from listening to President Obama’s return to school speech on September

Soon after Wilson defamed President Obama on the floor of Congress, he called him to apologize. The term “apology”is not to be found in Black’s Law Dictionary, however. It should only be used by a person who is facing punishment. So far, Congress has refused to oust Wilson. Apparently, President Obama is unable to appreciate the target-victim dichotomy. On September 9, President Obama was the target of Wilson’s outburst but Congress was the victim. Similarly, a rape victim is prohibited from initiating a criminal prosecution against the rapist.

Congressional rules prohibit rude and insolent conduct aimed towards the president of the United States while he is speaking during a joint session of Congress. It is Congress that can discipline Wilson. Only Congress can accept an apology. If it had not been for the Iroquois Confederacy, Wilson’s defamation of President Obama would have been permissible. This is a routine occurrence in the British Parliament. It can also be found in South Korea, but a political representative will be arrested for it in North Korea.

It was these “wild savages” that taught the white man in North America comity and civility. All of the rules of decorum on the floor of Congress were given to the white man. This also includes the rules of impeachment, which allows for a peaceful challenge to the misuse of executive and judicial authority in Congress. These “wild savages” also gave this country the concept of federalism. On issues that are common to all the people, the country should resemble a fist. Otherwise, separate fingers are permissible. This allows for states’ rights.

White supremacists maintain that Blacks may only enjoy state citizenship and that federal citizenship is limited to whites only. This would allow states to arbitrarily mete out rights to persons of African ancestry. Congress would lack authority to protect Blacks. See Dred Scott.

Education in the United States is mythological. For example, George Washington is not this country’s first president. The country was first ruled by the Articles of Confederation. Some whiteout has removed the first president from the pages of history. Thus, education is based on the original lie of a “white father.”

Its first president was John Hanson, a Moor. When the Iroquois Confederacy noted that the Articles of Confederation were unworkable, the “revisionist fathers” went back to the drawing board and rewrote the “Supreme Law of the Land.”

The missing concept in the Articles of Confederation was “interstate commerce,” which has now been employed to expand not only federal penal laws but also federal civil rights laws. Blacks’ civil rights are based on the interstate commerce clause while whites enjoy the more expansive common law rights.

After the Constitutional Convention of 1789 in Philadelphia, George Washington became the first president under the U.S. Constitution. The United States itself had been established in 1776 while Washington was anchoring himself as the wealthiest landlord in the nation.

Every time there is an amendment to the Constitution, it does not require that that the United States be torn down and a new government be created on this soil. John Hanson was the first president of the United States period. There has only been a change of the governing document.

According to the doctrine of white supremacy, whites were correct in keeping their children away from President Obama on September 8. Out of necessity, President Obama opposes white supremacy. The next generation of white children must grow up on this doctrine to keep the United States in “good hands.”

On March 15, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson told a joint session of Congress that, “what happened in Selma was an American tragedy.” Thus, scores of white members of Congress would have to be removed and replaced with Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Indians. This speech would also pave the way for a Black person in the White House.

There was not a peep from the Dixiecrats, including Sen. Thurmond, who mentored Wilson. They bowed their heads. Wilson’s outburst was unprecedented and it must never happen again. In the meantime, Wilson must take his medicine. Otherwise, there will be an epidemic of political swine flu.

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