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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gang Raping of Black Girls - When Enough is Enough! Steven Scott, Deshon Riley, Justin Williams

UPDATE: Two TV execs have been suspended over a billboard advertising the case.


20-year-old Steven Scott is accused of gang raping a 14-year-old girl

As reported by True Crime Report.com, and the
the Chicago Sun Times two 14-year-old girls at Monroe County High School decided they were going to have sex that day. So before classes started, they left school with Steven Scott, 20, DeShon Riley, 16, and Justin Williams, 17, for a nearby home.

What started off as consensual soon turned into something else. One of the girls says she willingly took off her clothes for one of the boys. But then the two other boys joined in, raping and sodomizing her despite her pleas to stop... 

The boys then took her back to school in Monroeville, Alabama, where she sat in class bleeding for hours before school officials finally called the cops.

The girl was injured bad enough that she spent three days in intensive care. But the question remains what role her 14-year-old girlfriend played. She says the boys also tried to rape her, but no intercourse occurred. Yet a medical exam indicated she did have sex.   More Here

AAPP says: When will the black communities say, "enough is enough", and take real action to take our communities back? It's all men and women on deck time, it's time for black mothers, fathers, preachers, non profits and black greek letter groups to come together to address the raping of our children.

Have we fallen so low that we cannot defend our children? What has made kids go so wrong that we have 14 year old girls taking off their clothes, attempting to seduce one man, or a group of men? What is wrong with our homes, schools, community, police, preachers, and the media. Was the media wrong for broadcasting the rape on a poster? 

Listen in to what people think about this crime, on my blogtalkradio, Political Slugfest show. If you can handle the truth...


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