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Friday, October 26, 2007

Do Black Boycotts Work in 2007

Super Spade has asked a very important question. Do “Black”-outs work?

Cross-posted at the Brave New Films Blog.

Money Fist

Activist and Radio Talk Show Host Warren Ballentine has called for a Black out on Friday, Nov. 2nd. This is in response to, among other things, the domestic torture of Megan Williams, and the Jena 6.



I agree, these types of efforts although noteworthy, gain limited traction because there are no specific, targeted, activities for specific segments of black communities to be involved, over a specific period of time.

Black communities are not there yet, regarding national Black Outs and boycotts. If black folks did not organize after a whole city “New Orleans” of black folks were displaced by Federal government in-action (check out the difference in the treatment of folks in San Diego vs New Orleans - Compare the smooth evacuation of 1000000 people in San Diego to the non evacuation of far less people in New Orleans in 2005.

why should we think blacks are going to organize around 2-3 dozen nooses and the gang rape of a young black women from WV?

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