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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why are black men like John Lewis going for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.

AAPP: It looks like the Clinton-Obama Battle for Black Voters is Heating Up. The fact of the matter is (black) civil rights icon John Lewis chose Hillary Clinton (a white women) over Barack Obama (a Black Man). It looks like its going to be a real hot race for black votes in Election 2008. Why are so many black men going over to the Hillary Clinton camp? I wonder if anyone has done an analysis of how many black male pol's have endorsed Hillary Vs how many black female pol's have endorsed Obama? Is there a sex divide?

Check out the NPR report on how the Clinton-Obama Battle for Black Voters is heating up.

Listen to this story... by

All Things Considered, October 23, 2007 · Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hope to win the African-American vote in the Democratic presidential primaries.

One key is winning high-profile endorsements. Clinton got one of those earlier this month when the civil rights icon John Lewis chose her over Obama. He waited a long time to make his decision known.

What does the endorsement mean for Clinton's campaign?

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