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Friday, October 26, 2007

Genarlow Wilson

The AfroSpear is delighted, Genarlow Wilson is Freed and Justice Is Served

Jill at Jack and Jill Politics says it better than I can, "I mean, seriouly speaking, can you even imagine the long arm of the law locking up a white under-18 teenager who got a consenting blowjob from another teenager separated by only 1-2 grades in school? There would be a whole lot of white kids in jail right this minute, fo' sho'! Come on now. Let's get real." Read More HERE

FREE AT LAST! Said Eddie Griffin, While the Village
is Celebrating. Check out what some of the thousands of African American bloggers are saying Angry Black Bitch, Mirror On America , What About Our Daughters , Black Parent Movement , Stereohyped, Black Perspectives.net , 3 Brothers and a Sister , Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, My Urban Report , Black Informant , Prometheus 6 , Let's Talk Honestly (LTH) ,Exodus Mentality and many many more.

Welcome Home Brother Wilson. Do some good things with your new opportunity.

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