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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Obama's Bad Behavior?

Bloggers LNRock ofAfrican American Political Pundit
and Casey Lartigue of The Casey Lartigue Show!

I had the opportunity to join some great bloggers and a great host at NPR, Ms. Farai Chideya, hosted another great bloggers Roundtable (not just because I participated) LOL.

The topics included politics, politics and more politics. We tried to discuss Micheal Jackson's Thriller anniversary but time ran out. Bloggers included Casey Lartigue of The Casey Lartigue Show!, and Debra Dickerson of Mother Jones.

News & Notes, We first discussed how Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama told a group of students about his high school drug use, and how it may have reignited a controversy. We also talked about, Jesse Jackson saying most Democratic candidates are ignoring African Americans. I have already blogged about this issue and suggested that Rev. Jesse Jackson has it wrong. Get the commitments before you endorse not after.

Here is a link to the conversation. Don't forget to listen to News & Notes and other NPR programs regularly.

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