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Friday, November 30, 2007

Latasha Norman

Latasha Norman

AAPP says: I'm pissed! Everything has changed and nothing has changed in black and white communities across America. Black on Black violence is out of control, white media, like the black community consider black life, less important than white life. I must ask the same questions Gina at What about Our Daughters is asking, Why Aren't the Lives of Black Women Treasured? Like many black bloggers, including George Cook at the blog lets talk honestly and other black bloggers, excuse the language, but, - I'm tired of this shit y'all.

Have you been watching the news coverage? The fact of the matter is Latasha Normans disappearance was ignored due to her race Now a white Internet porn star Zoey Zane gets national media coverage over her death, yet the same black woman ignored by the media in her disappearance is ignored again after foul play,. Two people, dead, one black one white , one gets no national coverage. a black woman who was smart and hardworking. While Zoey Zane was leading a double life as a porn star and gets coverage on every national news broadcast. Yes, it's a sad commentary on our media.

Thank God for Afrospear/afrosphere bloggers like
Black and Missing But Not Forgotten, let's Talk Honestly, Three Brothers and a Sister, Living my Life in the Golden, the colored Section, Dallas South and of course What About out Daughters who have been covering the Latasha Norman disappearance and death while few national media outlets including NBC news have refused to even broadcast the loss in their morning news, while the Internet porn star Zoey Zane gets national media coverage over her death on the same NBC.

USA Today has reported on the loss. I'm not sure if they covered it before her untimely death.
The Washington Post has reported on her disappearance for a week, and reported on her death through a basic AP report. As I noted in a previous post, Why is it that when a white college student disappear the white media will go across the globe looking for her. When a black college student disappears. The white media shuts it down. Bridget Johnson at Pajama Media notes "For every Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Smart or Natalee Holloway, there are dozens more victims whose cases go ignored by the media." She goes on to ask" if some lives - those of the cute, white, female, wealthy and preferably blond - are worth more than others." More

OK, I'm not going on anymore, Black blogger
thepostgameshow in his Open Letter To My Fellow Brothers has it right when he wrote,

"Dear Bitter, Scorned, Rejected Black men of America, What the hell is wrong with y'all?

First Tynesha Stewart, then Nailah Franklin, now Latasha Norman. I don't get it. You fools DO know that there are 10 women to 1 man in the world nowadays, right? There's no excuse for you to kill these bright and beautiful sisters of ours who deserved much more than to be a missing person case with a sad ending. Yes it hurts and sucks to be turned away by women with so much going on that may not want you anymore. That's life. You move on and say "f*** it, her loss" and find another woman. This "if I can't have you, no one else will" garbage is reprehensible and causing an already ridiculous divide between black men and black women to grow deeper and wider. You know they come out with studies every so often to try and drive black women away from us. More HERE

this is a conversation that needs to be continued. are you a pissed off as i am? do you think there needs to be Black Accountability? What are you willing to do?

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