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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Politics and Pimps - Federal Laws Against Pimps

File this under: Politics and Pimping

Forget about new Federal hate crimes legislation and enforcement. Forget about the lack of real Homeland Security. There is a bigger threat to America. PIMPS

Yes, pimps on the streets of America are dangerous to national security. Now the biggest pimps in America, (other than
Pulpit Pimps), Congress, wants to enact Federal Legislation to make pimping a federal crime. Watch out street and Pulpit Pimps!

Yes, as reported in the Washington Post, Congress is ready to make the life of a pimp just a liitle bit harder. You see there is a Bill in congress that would set FBI on Trail of Pimps. As reported in WaPo, Local vice police officers, who for decades have led the law-enforcement crackdown on prostitution, could soon have unwilling partners: FBI agents.

The Justice Department is fighting legislation that would expand federal law to cover prostitution cases, saying that the move would divert agents from human trafficking crimes. Although local police still would handle the vast majority of cases, Justice officials said the law's passage would force them to bring cases in federal courts as well.

AAPP: I guess Congress won't be passing any Federal legislation against the "johns," if they did, half of the men in the U.S. House and Senate would be going to Federal prison.

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