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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The First Real Black President Is Not Bill Clinton

OK folks let's get real. The first black president is not Bill Clinton. It will be Barack Obama. But, remember this, "Barack Obama will be the president of all the people of the United States." Even if those idiots of the Congressional Black Caucus honor Bill Clinton as "the first black President." For any black person who believes change is coming from these guys in the photo (below) needs to take a look at our nation. This may be America's new JFK moment that America has been waiting for. Any old candidate won't do this time. Of course Hillary is trying to sound like Obama now. Soon she will try to act and look like Michelle Obama, Don't be surprised if she changes her hairstyle soon. Even my afrospear blogger brothers and former Obama skeptic like my good brotha The Field Negro, along with (update) my good brotha Skeptical Brotha, my good brotha Francis Holland and many other black bloggers are beginning to believe in brother Obama. Meanwhile,Skeptical Brotha also reports Jacqueline Jackson has stopped her endorsement ad for Hillary Clinton.

PS: New York in play: Former N.J. U.S. Senator Bradley to endorse Obama


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