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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Will Clinton Seek Early Exit If She Loses NH Primary?

Clinton associates have begun lobbying for her early exit if she loses the primary by a big margin, as polls suggest she could. More HERE

Two small towns opened their polls at midnight, and the early results roughly correspond to the latest opinion surveys, with Barack Obama leading the Democrats and John McCain holding off his Republican rivals.

In Hart’s Location, Obama received 9 votes, Hillary Rodham Clinton 3 and John Edwards 1. On the Republican side, McCain received 6 votes, Mike Huckabee 5, Ron Paul 4 and Mitt Romney 1.

In Dixville Notch, Obama got 7 votes, Edwards 2 and Bill Richardson 1. Among Republicans, McCain got 4 votes, Romney 2 and Rudy Giuliani 1.

Today’s results could be pivotal for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign. She is trailing Mr. Obama by close to double digits in most pre-primary surveys. A front-page Wall Street Journal article looks at how her campaign — and her supporters — will react if she loses today.

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