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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton as The Cry Baby President? - With Eyes Watering, Voice Cracking

Hillary Clinton is not ready to be a true leader of America.

Hillary playing the "gender card."

As one Washington Post reader wrote, "eyes watering and voice cracking, this should be her undoing. If she cannot handle the emotional stress of the campaign, especially in these early stages, she certainly isn't steadfast nor strong enough to handle national security, the economy, a volatile Congress, and - heaven forbid - an enemy."


Photo Source: Hotair.com

AAPP: I wonder if this is another one of Hillary Clintons' staged events? I wonder if she is going for the sympathy vote? This crying event coincides with a new campaign Web site — www.TheHillaryIKnow.com — that includes videos for several friends, colleagues, and constituents of Clinton's speaking on her behalf. Candidly I think she is playing the "a black man made me cry" routine. Or is it like Black Political and Social Activist Eddie Griffin says of her, Vote for Me or I’m Going to Cry?

AAPP: The bottom line, she cannot be trusted.

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